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The focus of the company is on promoting and extending support on Linux
Penguin Infotech achieves this by:

  • Providing technical assistance/support
  • Providing consultancy services
  • Identifying Business partners to achieve common business goals
  • Conducting training programmes for corporates

With its Technical expertise, Penguin Infotech is confident of being a premier organisation that provides solutions in Linux and Open Source technologies.


Quality Of Delivery

Optimum quality is assured through quality checkpoints, visibility of management information, and service level agreements.

Penguin Infotech has proven capability of delivering quality solutions to our global customers.


Knowledgeable and motivated development team and able to execute new ideas.

Cost effectiveness, responsiveness, and flexibility encourages trailing of new ideas.

Reduced Management Overhead

Reasonable rate enable managers to focus on getting the job done, rather than worrying about the impact of limited budgets.

Low Risk

Eases burden of locating and recruiting scarce skilled IT resources.

Value for Money

Penguin Infotech believes that offshore development rates in India offer savings of as much as 50% over equivalent skills in US or the Europe. Dynamic, fast-moving projects motivate and challenge the technical team to deliver improved performance. Small teams recognized as most productive in software industry.

Track Record

Penguin Infotech has a very successful track record in execution and implementation of services / solutions to many of Indian and overseas clients.